Business with Leisure: How Organizations Can Get the Most from a Strategic Planning Event

Some people may be surprised to learn that strategic planning is more than just reviewing numbers. Businesses must consider all aspects of their business, such as how well it’s running at this moment in time or where it’s likely heading in the future. This is best achieved through strategic planning with an organization’s leadership team.

Your Strategic Planning Event – Make it a Bleisure Trip

To create a strategic plan and get your team together for much-needed connection, why not schedule a “bleisure” strategic planning event?

By getting the team together for a bleisure trip, there is time built in to reflect on what has been accomplished over the course year and set goals with the added benefit of in-person connection. This way, everyone can return to work refreshed mentally and physically ready to put their best foot forward with a clear plan. 

This blog post will discuss preparing a strategic planning event and give you tips for making it work for your organization.

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What is a strategic planning event? 

A well-written strategic plan can become your organization’s guiding light in these uncertain times. Strategic planning is the process of documenting and establishing the direction for future growth by assessing both where you are now and what goals might be achievable.

A good strategy provides employees a roadmap to success, so they know how best to react when opportunities or challenges arise; it also tells them about their company’s mission, vision, values, and long-term goals which will help guide decision-making processes down the line.

A strategic planning event allows key team members an opportunity to hyperfocus on planning the next steps of a project or fiscal period of time. As we head into a new normal, many leadership teams opt to combine strategic planning with a team-building getaway. This gives the leadership team the chance to reconnect, recalibrate and recharge. 

What is the importance of strategic planning for an organization?

The importance of strategic planning is to set goals. It’s essential for a company to know what it wants and needs before coming up with detailed plans to get there.

Goals should not only focus on short-term results because strategic planning allows an organization of any size room for growth in all areas, including human resources, marketing strategy, customer service operations, online sales channels, and more. No planning means no goals, and with no goals, there is no growth. 

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What are the steps in strategic planning?

Strategic planning is not about predicting the future as much as coming up with a plan for dealing with whatever comes along. It begins by gathering and analyzing information that will guide on what decisions should be made or actions taken over time. 

The steps in strategic planning  are to:

  • Define the mission for the organization and what it wants to achieve.
  • Set specific targets and goals that will help you achieve this goal.
  • Break down these ideas into an action plan with a list of tasks, timelines, deadlines, responsibilities assigned to each person involved in executing those tasks, etc.
  • Review your strategic plan regularly so you can adjust as time progresses, whether they be new competitors or allies who have arisen during your period of growth. The frequency at which changes are made depends on how dynamic your industry is, such as online retailers who need to adapt more quickly than brick and mortar stores since their business model has changed drastically over the years where traditional businesses may only see change every few months.
  • Identify which ongoing activities that need to be done to promote your strategic plan and keep customers engaged.
  • Make a list of the resources needed for all tasks or milestones on your action plan. If you’re hiring outside consultants, will it cost more money? How much time do they take up per week? What skill-sets are required by these individuals? Be sure to account for all costs before moving forward with execution so you can stay within budget.
  • Break down each task into steps that anyone could carry out given enough training/experience. This would typically entail creating a timeline with deadlines assigned to them and who is responsible for carrying out those tasks at what point during their development cycle. 
  • Enlist the help of others where needed. This can involve hiring an in-house project manager to oversee execution, bringing in a freelance designer for graphics and layout work, or tapping into your company’s network so that you’re able to get feedback from clients on how they feel about the plan.
  • Document what is being done at each point during development, when it needs to be completed, and who will do this task – these are called milestones!
  • Ensure everyone has access to all materials necessary and any documents created throughout the process, such as sketches, drafts, etc., if possible.

Strategic planning can be challenging, but with some dedication and creativity, there are plenty of ways businesses worldwide have found success, time and again with goal-setting and team-building.

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Why a retreat for a strategic planning event can help your organization.

Getting the leadership team together offsite for a strategic planning event is a great way to get everyone on the same page and set up for success. By doing it in a leisure-like setting, your team will feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to the office with new motivation.

Team-building is another excellent benefit of a strategic planning retreat, leading to a more cohesive, satisfied, and productive workforce.

A strategic planning retreat is also beneficial because it provides the opportunity for team members at all levels of an organization to participate directly with their leadership counterparts.

Last but not least, any business owner would agree that time away from the office doesn’t hurt either!

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How your retreat location plays a role.

The location you choose for getting your leadership team together for a planning event is just as important as the plan itself. Choose a location that will inspire and motivate your team and offer an easy opportunity for everyone to stay for a couple of extra days to fully enjoy the amenities and surroundings so they can truly fully recharge. 

You want to get them excited about the next steps, so choose somewhere you would all enjoy spending time.

Consider a destination that offers plenty of space – personal and communal – and various on- or offsite activity offerings. You’ll want to schedule time to hunker down and complete your plan, but you’ll also want ample opportunities for team bonding and rejuvenation.

Getting your leadership team together after a year of challenges and uncertainty for an offsite, “bleisure” strategic planning event will not only be effective for your goal-setting but also your team-building. A strong team bond with a clear plan is the best ROI your company can make. 

At Stonewall resorts, we specialize in working with corporations to plan and execute retreats that are enjoyable, memorable, and effective. Best of all, we have the facility to make it an experience you and your team will never forget. Our cottages are an ideal setup for a team that needs time together but needs privacy as well. The cottages also include full access to all resort amenities, including restaurants, the fitness center, pool, and resort recreation.

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