Take a Dip In the Woods: Forest Bathing and Other Creative Ways to Infuse Nature in Your Corporate Meeting

Destination meetings and incentive trips that are planned well inspire creative ideas and team cohesiveness while offering ample time for R&R. Relaxing poolside and a game of golf are enjoyable ways to recharge but some quality forest infusion might be just what is needed to top off the event.  

Creative Ideas for Your Corporate Meeting


Getting your team out of the boardroom and into the great outdoors has many positive effects. Studies show that time spent outside encourages positive thinking and positive thinking improves productivity. Spending time in the open air also has the power to boost energy, reduce stress, and increase vitality. These powerful effects on your team’s mindset and well being are compelling reasons to deliberately schedule some time in nature during your meeting. 

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Have you heard of forest bathing? Don’t worry, there are no bathtubs or bubbles involved. Forest bathing could also be called forest immersion. The concept comes from the Japanese version of forest bathing called shinrin-yoku which literally translated means forest bath. Simply put, it is the act of completely immersing yourself in the deep woods, using all of your senses to soak up everything the forest has to offer. 

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When forest bathing, there is no to-do list. You don’t have to go to a certain place or complete a list of accomplishments. There is no destination or agenda. Forest bathing is aimless, more about ambling. It involves more being, and less doing. Concentrate on inhaling clean air and exhaling polluted thoughts. Also, forest bathing is not weather dependant. Rain or shine, snow or storm, any weather forecast offers a different and varied experience. 

Curious about what to do for maximum benefits? Since you are focusing on your five senses, think through them each and come up with something to hear, touch, see, taste, and smell. Although you do not want to create a to-do list, sometimes it helps to have a few ideas to get started. 

  • Feel the texture of a tree trunk
  • Grab a wildflower or some damp moss and deeply breathe in their aroma, closing your eyes to get rid of all distractions
  • Sit by the water’s edge and listen to the rapids or birds chirping in the trees
  • Breathe deeply with your mouth open and see if you can taste the forest
  • Lay on your back under the trees and look for wildlife or simply watch the rustling leaves and the clouds in the sky

Ditch your cell phone, leave the camera and binoculars behind, and start the meander. Make it a point to stay out for at least two hours to get the full benefits. Let your feet and mind wander as you refresh yourself, mind, body, and soul.


Beyond forest bathing, time spent on the water is always time well spent. Take your team fishing and see who can catch dinner. Rent canoes or kayaks and float the afternoon away, soaking in the sun and relaxation.

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There is just something about eating foods that are locally grown to make a person feel one with the earth. Now that you have given your team a full grounding with outdoor experiences, offer them foods that are minimally processed and that were grown close to the earth they just experienced. 

Infusing nature into your next destination meeting or corporate incentive trip offers a tremendous return on your investment. The cost is minimal and the rewards, from increased ingenuity to team loyalty, are priceless.

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With the recent news of the coronavirus outbreak, we understand the importance of healthful practices now more than ever. Stonewall Resort offers the fresh air in the WV mountains, nature surrounds, multiple opportunities to soak up vitamin D from the sun with the outdoor activities and team building. We are here to guide your next meeting in the most healthy way possible. Please reach out with any questions.

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