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Tales from the Table: Team Members Share Their Love for Stonewall Resort’s Housemade Granola

Have you ever stumbled upon a culinary delight that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also provides a burst of energy to fuel your day? 

That’s precisely what you’ll find at Stonewall Resort, where our housemade Granola has taken the spotlight as a favorite treat among both guests and staff. 

In this post, we’ll take you behind the scenes and share the enthusiasm of some of the resort’s team members for this delectable housemade granola.

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Chef Corey Shares His Passion for Cooking and His Love for People

One of the best facets of Stonewall Resort is the people who work here. Our staff is top-notch. From chefs to front desk clerks to janitors, every person who works at Stonewall is excellent at serving. 

Chef Corey Pickens is one who not only serves with excellence, but he’s astounding at his job. So we decided to sit down with him to see where his passion comes from, why he loves cooking, and how he came to be a chef. 

One of my favorite parts of this interview is when he talks about his favorite meal of the day because you get a glimpse of his heart mingled with his passion. Also, it was interesting to read how his cousin inspired him at a young age. And, of course, the return of comfort food. 

Be inspired as you catch a glimpse of Chef Corey’s story. It’s a great one! 

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Happy Holidays from Our Kitchens to Yours

With the 2020 holiday season looking vastly different than years past, wanted to invite you into our kitchen virtually and share some of our favorite recipes with you. No masks or social distancing required, we can still share the spirit of the season with you. We hope you’ll add one or more of these recipes to your menu and enjoy a taste of Stonewall Resort with your holiday. 

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Appetizing Anticipation: What to Expect in Appalachian Cuisine at Your WV Meeting

Here in West Virginia ‘eating local’ is old news. Our families are made up of long-time locavores. We’ve been resourcefully thriving off our land for centuries, way long before ‘farm-to-fork’ was cool!

So, when it comes to customizing your group meeting experience, you’ll definitely want to dive into what the locals have to offer by way of cuisine. Appalachian cuisine is considered an undiscovered gem of American regional cooking. Let’s explore West Virginia through our flavors, textures, and recipes, so you can plan an event your guests will not soon forget.