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Tales from the Table: Team Members Share Their Love for Stonewall Resort’s Housemade Granola

stonewall resort granola

Have you ever stumbled upon a culinary delight that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also provides a burst of energy to fuel your day? 

That’s precisely what you’ll find at Stonewall Resort, where our housemade Granola has taken the spotlight as a favorite treat among both guests and staff. 

In this post, we’ll take you behind the scenes and share the enthusiasm of some of the resort’s team members for this delectable housemade granola.

Favorite Ways to Enjoy Stonewall’s Housemade Granola

Shelley Gutta: A Wholesome Treat for Any Time

Starting off our culinary journey, we have Shelley Gutta, a familiar face at Stonewall Resort. With a warm smile, she invites us into her kitchen and introduces us to the enchanting world of Stonewall Resort Granola.

Shelley Gutta shares, “One of my favorite things about Stonewall Resort’s housemade granola is we sell it in little to-go packages, and you can bring it home with you.”

The convenience of these travel-friendly packages lets guests take a piece of Stonewall’s essence home. Shelley’s personal touch, however, is what truly shines.

She loves to enhance her meals with this granola treasure, saying, “And if it makes it all the way home with me, I like to add it to cottage cheese and fruit.” This delightful combination is a testament to the granola’s versatility, fitting seamlessly into different culinary creations.

“It’s one of my favorite healthy treats,” Shelley Gutta affirms. With her endorsement, it’s clear that this granola isn’t just a snack—it’s a wholesome indulgence that contributes to a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle.

Robin Poling: Sustaining Energy for Resort Adventures

Meet Robin Poling, the Sales Manager at Stonewall Resort, who can’t help but gush about the energizing benefits of Stonewall Resort Granola.

 “I love our housemade granola. It has huge cashews. It gives me a whole day’s worth of energy to enjoy everything here on the property,” Robin enthusiastically shares. 

The combination of high-quality ingredients, including the substantial cashews, transforms this granola into more than just a quick snack. It’s a source of vitality that empowers guests and staff alike to seize the day and explore all that Stonewall Resort has to offer.

Reagan Goldberg: Pairing with Local Treasures

As we continue our culinary expedition, we meet Reagan Goldberg, a Catering Conference Manager at Stonewall Resort. 

Reagan’s approach to enjoying Stonewall Resort Granola is all about harmonizing flavors and embracing the resort’s connection to nature.

“I like to pair my granola with some fresh local berries because here at Stonewall, we are close to nature but far from ordinary,” Reagan declares.

The granola’s combination of crunch and sweetness finds its perfect counterpart in the juicy goodness of local berries, creating a symphony of flavors that reflect the resort’s commitment to authenticity and natural beauty.

Miranda Cropp: Elevating Celebrations

Our culinary journey wouldn’t be complete without the perspective of Miranda Cropp, the Conference Planning Manager at Stonewall Resort. 

Miranda brings a touch of elegance to her granola experience, demonstrating that this delightful treat is more than suitable for special occasions. 

“My favorite way to pair our in-house granola is with a dollop of whipped cream, and we’ll pair it with a glass of champagne to celebrate all special gatherings and milestones,” Miranda reveals. 

This unique pairing takes Stonewall Resort Granola to new heights, transforming it into a luxurious celebration of life’s achievements and joyous moments.

As we conclude our journey through the delectable world of Stonewall Resort Granola at Stonewall Resort, we’ve uncovered the passion and creativity that the resort’s team members infuse into their granola experiences. From Shelley Gutta’s wholesome combinations to Robin Poling’s energizing fuel, Reagan Goldberg’s celebration of local treasures, and Miranda Cropp’s touch of elegance, it’s clear that this granola holds a special place in the hearts and palates of those who call Stonewall Resort their home away from home.

Whether you’re seeking a quick energy boost, a taste of nature’s bounty, or an elegant twist to commemorate special occasions, Stonewall Resort Granola has something for everyone. The next time you visit Stonewall Resort, don’t forget to bring a piece of this culinary treasure back with you and embark on your own granola adventure inspired by the resort’s passionate team.

Ready to experience the magic of Stonewall Resort Granola for yourself?

Plan your visit to Stonewall Resort and discover the delightful ways you can incorporate this versatile treat into your culinary journey.

From healthy snacks to luxurious celebrations, the possibilities are endless when you embrace the world of Stonewall Resort Granola.

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