Laid-Back Outdoor Group Adventures to Amp Up the Agenda

group meeting ideas | stonewall resort

Being the only lakeside conference center in West Virginia has its perks. Just look out the window and you’ll see them:

Colleagues laughing among rolling mountains. Handshakes during hikes in lush forests. Connections made while cruising on a glistening lake.

More than just a beautiful backdrop for remarkable meetings and events, our tranquil surroundings are actually the secret to instilling your participants with more energy, stronger connections, and sky-high creativity.

Creative Group Meeting Ideas in West Virginia

From group canoes rides to easy bike rides, here are our clients’ favorite ways to amp up their agenda with outdoor fun:

On Land

Roll Around on Segway Tours

Your attendees will love the freedom of gliding along the shores of a scenic lake on these two-wheel tours. You’ll start off by learning how to speed up, slow down and stop. Soon your group will be confidently riding through the resort’s stunning park grounds and beyond.

group meeting ideas | stonewall resort

Trek Easy and Moderate Trails

Explore more than 16 miles of lush hiking trails that weave around the resort, which give you a first-hand look at West Virginia’s diverse flora and fauna. Keep your cameras close, you’ll catch glimpses of chipmunks dashing across your path, white-tailed deer prancing in the forest, and squirrels foraging for nuts.

From the resort, your group has a pick of 6 trails depending on your participants’ fitness levels. These include:

The Cairns Trail, a moderate trail where your group will be fascinated with the number of stone cairns (there are approximately 200 in Stonewall Resort State Park), which many believe were left behind by Native Americans in the area.

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The Lakeside Nature Trail, an easy 3.2-mile loop that starts near the resort, gently rolls alongside Carrion Bay and delivers gorgeous lake views. Be prepared for tranquil moments; this is one of the more remote areas of the surrounding park.

Hevener’s Orchard Trail is a moderate 3.2-mile hike that meanders through old meadows, forests, and fields. The meadow is one of the best places to spot wildlife. Depending on the season, you may see turkeys, deer, and other small mammals and birds.

Pedal Countryside Paths

Gather the group, strap on your helmets and hop on road bikes to explore a favorite local pastime. Miles of traffic-free, rural country roads surrounding Stonewall Resort State Park are a road cyclist’s dream. 

creative group meeting ideas | stonewall resort

On Water

Cruise the Lake

It happens all the time. At the end of the day, attendees start to get antsy. They start to stare longingly out the windows, wishing they were out on the water. Answer their call by inviting them for a cruise aboard Little Sorrel. This 100-passenger double-decker cruise boat will take your guests out to explore the bays and coves of the lake. Watching sunsets reflected on the water’s surface while surrounded by verdant mountains is the perfect way to wrap up that day’s agenda.

Paddle on Peaceful Waters

Some attendees tend to shy away at the idea of leaving the boardroom and hopping into a kayak, canoe or atop a stand-up paddleboard.  Rest assured: Relaxed paddling is how we do it here. A fifth of the lake is designated as no wake, allowing your attendees to paddle at their own pace and without worry. Instead, they’ll experience the invigorating feeling of their paddles gliding through the lake’s smooth surface. Maneuver through the bays and coves, spot wildlife and take in the beauty of nature at its wildest.

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Fish For Ample Fun

The bushes and trees that dot the lake are the ideal habitat for a vast variety of freshwater fish. Treat your attendees to a loved-by-locals pastime and spend the afternoon fishing our tranquil waters. When they drop in a line, they may get a prize catch of bass, carp, channel catfish, yellow perch, walleye, crappie or bluegill.

The secret to igniting your meeting with more energy and creativity? In fact, numerous scientific studies have shown that your brain lights “up” when outside and problem solving, creativity and positive attitudes shine when time is spent outside. Simply open the doors and beckon attendees to explore and interact with nature. Whether exploring an ancient trail lined with cairns or watching the sunset while on a peaceful lake cruise, your group’s experience will be punctuated with unlimited and unforgettable moments.

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