Five Ways to Sprinkle in Mother Earth to Your Corporate Meetings

In life, there’s what we know to be true intuitively and then there’s scientific fact. When what we know to be true, intuitively, is further validated by scientific data, then it becomes utterly indisputable. The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of nature are indisputable. Scientific study after study has proven, throughout the past decade, what most humans already know to be true experientially: nature enhances overall wellbeing.

By the time they reach adulthood, most people have had a variety of experiences of feeling calm, happy, and creative while outside. If we know nature to play a vital role in wellbeing, then the question begs, how can we bring more nature to the business world?

The Science of Adding Nature to Your Meetings

Would it be supportive, during your next corporate meeting event, to have your team focused, refreshed, and more innovative than ever? We imagine so. One of the keys to achieving all of that is to infuse Mother Earth into the meeting. We have five innovative ways in which to add nature to your next corporate meeting.

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Immersive Bonding

Rather than spend the team bonding portion of your meeting agenda indoors with the traditional methods, consider taking everyone outside. Allow nature to be the connective force that brings your team together in an organic way. Send everyone off on a scavenger hunt in the woods, arrange everyone in teams for Glow Golf, or serve hor’s d’oeuvres on the deck of the lake boat. 

Aesthetically Calming

Some meeting spaces feature no views, views of other buildings, or views of nature. Choose a meeting venue that features mountains, forests, or water as the backdrop. Why? Because looking at nature is known to be calming and inspiring.

Nature Breaks Throughout The Day

In addition to stunning views of nature, it’s also wise to infuse nature breaks throughout the day. Whether it’s a 30-minute break or a few hours, we recommend organizing a guided walk, offering outdoor yoga + meditation, planning a 9-hole round or serving lunch on a patio.

Live Flowers or Plants in the Meeting Room

Another way to capitalize on the calming, motivating benefits of nature is to bring nature into the meeting room. Adorn each table with live plants and flowers. Not only will the sight of such things be aesthetically pleasing, but the aromas will also create an overall fresh and vibrant ambiance.

Social Hours + Meal Times Outside

Often meeting experiences consist of various shared meals and smaller groupings of people out for a drink. Especially if this meeting is taking place off-site, everyone will be excited and ready to mingle with one another. Continue guiding your team back to nature by hosting a happy hour on the lawn or serving every meal on the lakeside veranda, for example.

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It’s simple really, choose a meeting venue located in spectacular nature. You won’t need to struggle or worry about having enough nature in your next meeting if you choose a venue such as Stonewall Resort. Someplace nestled in undisturbed nature, where beautiful views are the only views. Get your team in the fresh air for breaks, bonding, and creating as often as possible. Let them soak in the healing and encouraging energy that nature offers. We hope you’ll join us here at Stonewall Resort for your next meeting experience, and discover for yourself just how wonderful the combination of business and nature can be!

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