‘Tis the Season – Show Gratitude To Your Team with a Re-Imagined Celebration

Let’s face it. 2020 has been a challenge. While there are have been some setbacks, the human spirit, ingenuity, and loyalty have all had the opportunity to shine in unprecedented ways. Has your staff bravely faced furloughs, long hours, salary reductions, new challenges, and/or uncertainty? If so, maybe it’s time to plan a time to thank your team for a year well maneuvered. 

Whether you frame it as a holiday party or a “We Survived 2020 Celebration”, it’s time to show your team just how grateful you are for their partnership in helping your company continue to push forward, no matter how steep the climb. 

Pay Homage to Past, Present & Future When You Celebrate With Your Team This Year


Hard pivots have been the theme of 2020 worldwide. If your staff faced these challenges bravely and your company has stayed solvent despite the hurdles, this is a great time to thank them for their service. 

Host an in-person dinner party

Invite your staff for a traditional dinner party, complete with proper social distancing and connection. Stagger arrival times and be sure to greet each employee upon arrival.  Offer digital networking games while all guests arrive with assigned seating.  Serve individually plated appetizers, entrées and fancy desserts ensuring the safety of participants.  Toast to the hard work and to the hope of a brighter future.  Tributes can be given for exemplary performance, service milestones, and tenacity.  

An intimate setting that encourages social distancing sounds tricky, but it’s a matter of table placement, timing and service.  We plan intentionally for flow and safety with the experience of your guests in mind at Stonewall Resort. 

Invite them for a virtual gathering

Whether all of your guests attend virtually or just a few opt-out of the in-person party, all guests need to feel included. Entirely virtual or hybrid meetings have their own challenges, but there are things you can do to include everyone. 

If it’s a dinner party, plan a menu that works for all guests. Either have the meal delivered for online guests or give them a time to drop by and pick it up. Be sure to include dessert and appetizers. 

If you are offering prizes, choose prizes that are easily shared virtually like gift cards. 


Share the State of the Company- especially if you’d rounded the corner

Whether you choose to meet in-person or virtually, this is a great time to give a current “state of the company” address to your team. Share openly with the staff the impact of each team player. Give awards, shout-outs, and accolades where they’re due. Be generous and specific in your praise. 

If you are giving away gifts at your party, consider making the gifts meaningful for each employee. Consider gift cards for experiences or personalized gifts, if feasible for the size of your team. 


Send a care package

No matter what you decide to do, your Christmas events will be different from years past. Restrictions and mandates have us socially distanced, masked, and unsettled about nearly everything around us. There is much need on local levels.  Consider dividing the cost of an in-person event and contributing this amount to a local charity in each employee’s name.  

Focus this time on giving praises to your team, sharing the resiliency of your organization and laying out plans for rebounding, including a promise of a more typical celebration in July replete with food and beverage, merrymaking and gift giving.      

Send a care package with a personal note of gratitude.  Include items like a bottle of wine, an iced tea maker, some socks or gloves, online gym membership, an assortment of aromatic herb seeds and of course some swag.    

At Stonewall Resort, we have taken the task of pivoting and training for the current times seriously. Our staff is well trained and available to help you brainstorm and plan the best party for your team. Reach out today to schedule your appreciation party.

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