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7 Unconventional Team Building Ideas Your Group Will Love this Spring

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With spring comes warmer days and plenty of opportunities to explore outside.  And while there are plenty of tried-and-true team-building activities out there, why not shake things up with something a little bit different at your next meeting or corporate event?

We have a few ideas to help you do just that!

Here are seven unconventional ideas to get your team working together and having fun this spring.

Team-Building for Improved Performance

Unconventional outdoor team building activities are not just taking your average team building activity that you would do indoors and moving it outdoors. It’s elevated well beyond that.

Shelley Gutta, Sales Manager at Stonewall Resort, says,  “It’s inspiring your people to come out of their shells, developing better communication and increasing productivity, and letting people show their true selves by doing outdoor activities.”

Shelley goes on to say, “it doesn’t have to be really physical. You can do something as simple as, a culinary experience outdoors. It’s more about the uniqueness, it’s purposely created events for the outdoors.”

Crafting unique experiences for your team to have together has many benefits. Including, but not limited to, building relationships, developing new skills and bringing out the best in everyone on your team.

Outdoor Team Building Ideas for Spring

1. Foraging & Nature Hikes

Get your team out in nature to learn about different plant life and what can be found in the wild.  This can be a great way to connect with nature and learn more about the world around you.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air.

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2. Corporate Olympics

This is a fun thing to do with groups using just what you may have around the resort.

Here at Stonewall, we recently offered up Corporate Olympics and let the group customize their experience. We had things like skeet shooting, archery, kayak races, and Irish road bowling. The participants were divided into two groups and then competed as a team.

At the end, each team celebrated their successes and had a blast doing it!

3. Sporting Clays

Clay shooting can be an exciting and safe sport for all teams and groups.  It requires hand-eye coordination, focus, and a bit of practice.

We love to take our groups to Stonewall Sporting Clays. They offer a heated five-stand and a professional guide to accompany your shoot. The 16-station course features state-of-the-art Promatic Traps, which allow guests to control the pace of their experience with a handheld remote. Beginners can start slow, while experienced shooters can test their accuracy and precision. 

Added Bonus: They offer an ATV to go from station to station!

4. Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? This adventure brings out the competitive shutterbug in everyone. 

Teams are provided with a list of items, places, and people to photograph. The goal is to snap as many photos on the list as possible. The team with the most completed items on their list wins!

Exercise, exploration, collaboration, and creativity make this a team favorite.

5. Building Good

This philanthropic-centric team experience is a win-win.

Your team is given the parts to a bike in a workspace and challenged to assemble it without instructions. Collaboration and cooperation result in the opportunity to give back, as the bike is donated to the charity of the team’s choice.

6. Art and Vine

This experience encourages your team members to release their inner artists while enjoying a glass (or two) of wine.

A local artist guides your team members through basic techniques, learning more about themselves and each other while creating their own masterpieces on canvas.

Stonewall Resort’s resident artist is from Ember Arts.

7. Learn the Art of Wine Blending

Business People Party Celebration Success Concept

A fan-favorite team-building experience! If there is access to a local vineyard, get your team together and learn the art of wine blending.

Winemaking is all about creating balance. Team members must use their keen sense of taste and smell to find the perfect blend of juices. The team that can find the best balance, wins!

We love to take our groups to Lambert’s Vineyard where they are surrounded by rolling countryside reminiscent of the storied Italian valley.

Teams work together on a lovely outdoor patio to learn the ancient art of wine blending. They also design eight-inch pizzas and bake them on the Vineyard’s handcrafted wood-fired stove.

So, there you have it – seven unconventional ideas to get your team working together this spring!

For more information about some of the activities offered at Stonewall Resort, reach out to us here.

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