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Whodunit? Murder Mystery Team-Building in West Virginia 

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Drama. Intrigue. Suspense. No, It’s not the latest Netflix series. It’s what you get when you plan a murder mystery team-building experience in West Virginia!

Businesses can choose from all sorts of activities when it comes to team building. One option that is often overlooked is the murder mystery team-building exercise. This type of activity can be highly beneficial for a corporate event, as it can help promote teamwork and communication while providing some fun and excitement.

Designed to test your teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, Robin Poling shares the murder mystery experience Stonewall Resort hosts for groups. 

Robin says, “These murder mystery events are more than an activity or dining event; they are a powerful experience with an expectation of a key result-whether anticipated or discovered. There’s an element of intrigue, emotion, discernment, and most of all FUN!”   

Unique Team-Building in West Virginia

Team-building is a great way for your colleagues to bond and work together more efficiently. Studies show that by providing interactive ways for your team to problem-solve, they can learn to trust and better communicate with one another in and out of the office.

They win. You win.

What better way to create team cohesion than giving everyone an unexpected experience that breaks down barriers and elicits a little mystery?

Here at Stonewall, we love to do just that!

“On property, we often partner with an actor’s group that incorporates a themed meal that can be customized based on the meeting planners goal or key result.   The whole evening is built around gathering clues, discovering motives  and solving a murder.”

What to Expect at a Murder Mystery Team Building Experience

This team-building experience is 100% immersive and geared toward problem-solving. The entire group assembles for a reception when the actors give clues about the motive, murderer, and method.

After the reception, the group will move to the dining area and take their assigned seat to begin their first course.  Tables/teams may be tasked to choose a group name, mascot, brand or theme song, etc., depending on the desired outcome.   

Next, the actors emerge and begin the scripted story.  There are small vignettes interspersed in the room. Actors may interact with attendees – in character, of course –  and will provide additional clues.  

The story unfolds as dinner courses are served.  

Teams are tasked to work together to arrive at the murderer, the motive, and the method.  There may be a team presentation on their “choices,” or teams will submit their final answers and take a short intermission.  

Once re-assembled, the emcee, detective, or prosecutor (again depending upon the theme) will reveal “whodunit”  and announce the winning team. Depending on the Key Result, there can be a debrief on what was observed…again. 

The group will be divided into teams and given a scenario. Each team will then have to work together to solve the mystery, aiming to catch the murderer!

Throughout the event, teams must communicate to piece together clues and figure out who the killer is.

Robin says, “This is a great opportunity for team members to learn how to work together effectively, as they will need to share information and collaborate to solve the mystery.”

At the end of the event, the team that correctly identifies the murderer will be declared the winner. However, even if your team doesn’t win, everyone will still have had a lot of fun and gained some valuable teamwork experience.

Benefits of a Murder Mystery Team-Building Experience

There are many benefits that businesses can enjoy by incorporating a murder mystery team-building experience into their corporate event. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Improved teamwork – One of the main goals of any team-building activity is to help employees learn how to work together more effectively. This is because teamwork is essential for businesses to function properly. By working together to solve the mystery, team members will learn how to communicate and collaborate with one another more effectively.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills – In order to solve the mystery, teams will need to use their problem-solving skills. This can help employees sharpen these skills, which can benefit their personal and professional lives.
  • Increased communication – Another key goal of team-building activities is to promote better communication among employees. This is because effective communication is essential for businesses to run smoothly. By working together to solve the mystery, team members will learn how to share information and communicate more effectively.
  • Fun and excitement – Lastly, a murder mystery team-building experience is simply a lot of fun! It can add some excitement to an otherwise mundane corporate event, and it’s something that employees are sure to enjoy.

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Robin has observed a lot of scenarios that play out during the Murder Mystery events that can give great information to managers and colleagues alike about how to best work with one another.

Some of her observations include:

  • Many times a table leader will emerge
  • One or two people will assert their understanding/interpretation of the events
  • One or two table guests/team members tend not to share their thoughts 
  • Sometimes a bully will emerge
  • Sometimes certain guests will be ignored
  • Some table guests will not engage and simply go through the motions as directed
  • Some table guests will become the center of attention
  • Some table guests will become defensive -even combative and gang up on others
  • Some guests will interact gregariously and be a “supporters” of others
  • Some may imbibe too much
  • Some guests may “blossom”  

This comes from co-workers learning how each other interprets information, finding ways to include others, and appreciating differences in learning and leadership styles. We’ve seen groups learn to accept winning or defeat with grace and find or share empathy for one another. They see how words, actions, and emotions can create silos, distrust, or comradery  

When colleagues find ways to work together, it carries over into their workplace. Best of all, managers can use the learnings from these team-building experiences to find the next person to promote. 

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At the end of the day, the whole goal of a team-building event is to bring your team together, create memories, and build camaraderie. It’s also helpful to flesh out each other’s strengths and learn how to utilize them in the office setting. Although these ideas are a little off the beaten path, they are all excursions that will keep your team talking long after the day is over. 

Robin says, “It’s just something different. Not your run-of-the-mill conference where you go to a class and then back to your workplace, where changes are made, or nothing changes.   This can help teams discover how we learn, interpret facts, actions, emotions, and work together to achieve results.”

At Stonewall Resort, we refuse to be status-quo. Our goal is to partner with you to take your business and team to the next level. Reach out so we can help you plan your next memorable team experience. 

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