Planning In-Person Events? Here are 3 Ways the Venue Can Make a Huge Difference

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There’s no denying that today’s organizations are turning to group meetings as a way to boost productivity and drive innovation. Naturally, that became tricky when the pandemic changed how the entire world operates. We are seeing a return to in-person events overall, but not all venues are created equal in terms of their ability to return to bringing teams together in person safely. 

Safety, social distancing, varying vaccination requirements, and health screenings are now a part of our daily lives which can make gathering in one place increasingly difficult. As they say, the show must go on, and your business has to continue moving forward, even through difficult circumstances.

If you’re planning to implement group meetings again, be sure you choose a venue that can accommodate your needs while making the health of your attendees a priority. 

When it Comes to the Safe Return of In-Person Events, Not All Meeting Venues are Created Equal

Here are three primary, but vital, reasons some resorts are better prepared for the return of in-person meetings than others. 

1. Optimal Space

Resorts that offer a wide variety of meeting spaces and breakout areas can easily adapt to the needs of different groups. 

Space for social distancing

Large groups need a larger space so they can safely gather and learn without worrying about keeping your distance. One large meeting room where the group can eat or learn collectively while safely spaced is a great relief to many and is an excellent way to offer safety to your guests. 

Ability to break out into small groups

Small meeting rooms where the group can have breakout sessions are another way to collectively give your guests peace of mind. 

Outdoor activities & team building options

Outdoor meeting spaces and recreational areas are extremely valuable, especially during a pandemic and recovery period. Fresh air is an excellent option for your attendees’ health, both physically and mentally. 

Did you know… West Virginia was recently named the Top Travel Region to Visit in 2022 by Lonely Planet due to the unspoiled mountains and lack of crowds?

​​2. Experienced Staff

Group-ready venues that offer planning professionals who ask the right questions, help organize themes, customize the group experience, and assure execution of successful meetings are important to consider. Without knowing what your group needs and wants, planning a successful meeting can easily become a challenge instead of an opportunity for attendees to re-engage and learn from each other. 

You’ll want a group venue with staff that offers:

  • Experienced guidance
  • Customer-centric planning and are budget consciousness
  • An understanding of travel restrictions
  • The ability to navigate group dynamics in a public health crisis, and beyond
  • A priority to cleanliness and sanitation

Who you work with for your in-person event is crucial to its success – make sure your group-ready venue is equipped to meet these criteria and turns group meetings into an opportunity for your attendees, not a point of stress.

3. Collaboration Technology

Collaboration technology is changing the meeting experience (and attendee expectations) by making it more interactive both during and outside of the session. Virtual or remote participation allows a meeting to reach a larger audience in terms of participation and facilitate a more engaging encounter.

Some categories of modern meeting collaboration technologies include:

  • Video conferencing systems
  • Large screen monitors/projectors
  • Screen sharing
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Touch-screens
  • Virtual reality systems
  • Audience interaction/participation
  • Social media displays
  • Conference apps (mobile)

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Additional Considerations

Venues that are well-prepared to host your event during times like these have on-site catering and leisure activities for attendees to be productive, stay in safe surroundings, and enjoy their time away from their daily routine.

Onsite catering is important not only to keep the team focused but also so they can settle in without having to leave and come back and get resettled. It’s also beneficial to stay in safe surroundings rather than travel throughout the day. 

Comfortable guest rooms and amenities for extended meetings or bleisure travel add much to the meeting value for the attendees. 

Stonewall Resort has implemented measures for the health and safety of our staff and our guests, as well as advanced technology to support all aspects of meeting safely and we are committed to helping you make a safe return to group meetings. So, let’s get your next gathering planned! Reach out below with any questions.

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