Thriving in 2022: 5 Tips Event Planners will Actually Appreciate this Year

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As we move further into the future, event planners will need to keep up with ever-changing trends in order to put on successful events. Tech is king but event planning is more than just offering the latest and greatest technology. We’ve put together some corporate event planning tips that will not only improve loyalty and engagement but will also help with your ROI, too!

Corporate Event Planning Tips for 2022

Here are some tips for those planning events this year! 

1. Embracing Technology

Beyond AV setups, technology truly is the wave of the future for meetings and events. 

Virtual reality (the use of technology to create a simulated environment) and augmented reality (adding digital elements to a real-world setting) will be huge in 2022, so consider incorporating them into your event planning. 

Some examples of ways you can use VR in a group environment are:

  • interactive tours
  • product demonstrations
  • simulated education and training

One thing to consider when adding VR to your event is cost.  Cutting-edge technology can add to your event budget. However, there are options like cardboard VR and short-term rentals that can offset the cost. 

If you’re considering adding augmented or virtual reality to your meeting, it’s important to consider your overall ROI. It can be fun to plan a meeting using cutting-edge technology but make sure you think through how this can benefit your company’s bottom line without getting caught up in the hype.  

2. Leading with Health

Navigating health mandates and providing a safe meeting strategy is key to planning any corporate event. Let’s face it, the world is rapidly changing and we’re not going back any time soon. Ensure your attendees that their health is important to you and take action to show them this is the case. 

For in-person events, of course, offer masks, sanitation stations, and ample room for social distancing. 

Taking it one step further, a strong trend that’s being embraced in the meeting space is health-based, creative meeting interaction like yoga and hiking. Employees who are stimulated physically are going to be more creative and attentive. Hire a yoga instructor and rent some mats or choose a venue with access to outdoor hiking to get their blood pumping.

Think how much more productive your meeting will be if your guests have enjoyed some light movement and healthy snacks over slouching in a chair eating pastries all morning. It’s a total win-win! 

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3. Offering a Hybrid Option

Hybrid meetings are the new standard. It would be easy to send attendees a Zoom link and call it good but taking a few simple steps to make the virtual attendees feel just as important and included as their in-person counterparts goes a long way in team cohesiveness and overall staff satisfaction. 

Include everyone in activities – If you will have a hybrid option for your meeting (which you absolutely should), take the steps to make sure that everyone attending virtually is able to be included in all of the activities.

Send a virtual event gift box – Fill it with swag, the same healthy snacks as onsite, and if incorporating VR, send them a headset so they can participate along with your onsite guests.

Display presenters & virtual attendees – Put everyone on camera, and include them in the discussions. 

Enable chat features – have a dedicated person in charge to answer questions and keep the conversation on track. 

Hybrid meetings can seem a little daunting but the truth is, once you’ve done a couple you’ll see that they are relatively simple to maneuver and they benefit everyone. 

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4. Making it Memorable

Why even have a meeting if no one is engaged? Make the meeting valuable to every attendee by listening to their needs and taking every guest into consideration. 

Augmented reality can also help with this – for example, you could create a scavenger hunt that utilizes AR technology. Also, plan team-building exercises that are engaging and memorable and that give room for authentic connections to develop. A nice touch is to set up a blog/vlog for attendees to post their experiences.

5. Location Matters!

When considering a location for your next meeting, think through how you can implement the above suggestions, either fully or in part. 

  • Can they handle your technological needs? 
  • Is there room for social distancing? 
  • Is there room or accommodations (like a hiking trail) to implement some sort of healthy activity? 
  • Do they provide a fresh, healthy menu or can you find catering that will deliver that is health conscious? 

At Stonewall Resort, we’re adapting to new trends and standards daily. Let our team of experts help plan your next event – large or small – utilizing the latest trends, best practices, and research-backed insights from industry leaders. 

Do you need assistance planning your next major event? Contact us today and we’ll get started right away!

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