7 Reasons Including Outdoor Space in Your Next Meeting is a Must!

One advantage to planning an offsite meeting is the change of scenery. Although the overall mission is a productive, focused time, intermittently taking your team to enjoy the great outdoors has many benefits. As a matter of fact, when you add outdoor meeting space or recreation to any meeting, you can expect participants to be more attentive, creative, energized, and relational. Keep your team engaged by incorporating new meeting styles and team-building opportunities.

Outdoor Meeting Space – Advantages & Ideas


The list of reasons to include fresh outdoor air in your corporate meetings is compelling. Bottom line: if the productivity, well-being, and cohesiveness of your team are on your radar, it’s time to start planning!

Here are a few to consider.

  1. Outdoor meetings are more relaxed – There’s just something about being outside that invites conversation. You want to ask your team to be relational, so they can bond and work together harmoniously. 
  2. They are energizing – Being outdoors energizes the body and mind. A lively team is far more productive than an uninspired one. 
  3. They foster creativity – A space with no walls means participants can think outside the box.
  4. More space! – No crowd limits, and social distancing is no problem. Spread out as much as you need to for safety. 
  5. Outdoor meetings are more memorable – How many boardroom meetings do you remember? Imagine a meeting while forest bathing or sitting beside a serene lake. 
  6. They facilitate authentic team building – Team building activities bring your team closer while learning to work together even better than before. Tee up a game on the Palmer Course, solve a murder mystery over dinner, or plan a culinary competition to keep everyone on their toes. 
  7. Getting outside encourages a healthier lifestyle – For your team to be at the peak of productivity and creativity, they need to be in good health. 
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Now that you’re convinced of the power of adding the great outdoors to your meeting, here are some creative ways you can add some fresh air to your next gathering.

Veranda or Terrace

Located near the building, the terrace is an excellent place for a quick outdoor meeting. Wifi is available at this outdoor area, and it’s not weather-dependent. There is plenty of space to get fresh air and ideas flowing. Some examples of activities that can be done from the terrace include Art and Vine (a wine and painting class), a murder mystery dinner theater, or a game of trivia. 

Walking or Hiking

Hire a guide and head out into the woods or meander the trails independently. Hiking energizes and promotes good physical and mental health while being invigorating and memorable. 

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Head to the Waterfront

There’s just something about being near the water. It’s relaxing yet invigorating. Enjoy the picturesque view or challenge your team to a fishing competition.

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On the Green (lawn, that is)

Attendees can relax a little or let their creativity flow! How about a charity bike building competition for your engineering-minded crew or a photography contest for those who are more inspired by natural beauty. 

Of course, you could literally meet “on the green” through a casual round of golf.

Around the Fire Pit

There’s something about gathering around a flaming fire pit to bring back that youthful wonder. Plan a casual “after hours” event at the fire pit, and see what sort of creativity is sparked.

At Stonewall Resort, our ability to host gatherings both indoors and outdoors is a game-changer. While meetings are meant to be productive, we offer a host of opportunities not limited to a room with walls. We have the technology to be able to take your assembly outside and not only make them more effective but also more enjoyable. The benefits of meeting outdoors are obvious. Let us help you plan the perfect indoor/outdoor event for your company.

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