Team Building

How to Keep Your Team Loyal, Inspired & Cohesive

We’ve been apart for some time now – what a better time to engage in team-building to bring your teams back stronger and more resilient. Thoughtful team-building activities are one of the most effective ways to boost your company culture, which ultimately leads to diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Building a loyal, inspired, and cohesive team through intentional team-building activities and events will bring us back together with a renewed appreciation of each team member, their strengths, and their individual contribution to the organization.

Let’s explore some trends in team-building activities to do just that.

Trends in Team-Building Activities

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Below are some team-building trends for 2021 to build your team and boost your business.  


A common theme for 2021 is “be flexible.” Show your team you understand the challenges they face by offering virtual, in-person, or hybrid team support. One thing to remember, cyber-attendees are trickier to connect with and can feel like they are on the fringe.  Online team members will benefit from additional support.  

Brainstorm ideas that are workable from anywhere in the world. 

Murder Mystery or Escape Room

If your team meets in-person, opt for a local locale specializing in these types of parties. If your crew is hybrid or online, dozens of virtual sites such as have innovative and practical ideas.   

Game Show

Bring out the competitive spirit with your staff. You could create teams like staff vs. leadership or mix and match so your workforce gets to know one another. 


Choose a light-hearted subject like waffles vs. pancakes. The group debates each other to decide what is better. Once you have finally concluded, someone gets to pick the new contender. They could choose anything to compare it to, and the debate will continue. 

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Since many companies allow remote work, this leaves your crew without the chance to get to know people from other departments. Choose team-building exercises that will span across departments. This can be a great way to create cross-departmental cohesiveness.  

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Many companies have looked for ways they could positively impact their communities. This past year has proven to be more challenging to work together for community impact, but the trend is leaning this way again, and there is still a great need in communities across the globe.

Innovative ideas like attending charity events or volunteering in home cities can help bring down the cost of providing travel for everyone involved. Have your team document their experience and share it during a casual online meeting. This is even more fun if they have another coworker close by who could participate in the activity. 

Stonewall Resort is committed to helping companies build company culture and maximize their ROI by helping plan team-building events that ignite and unify everyone on staff. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and walked beside companies of all budgets to plan an effective team-building event.

Let us help you strategize and execute the best possible gathering for your crew today! Reach out to us here.

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