Workplace Wellness – It’s Worth the Investment

The idea of workplace wellness is not new. We know when our teams are well and content, the overall atmosphere improves, increasing productivity and company culture. 

Prioritizing the mental and physical health of your employees plays an integral part in maintaining a happy team. A happy team is a more effective team, and a more effective team results in a better more dynamic company that grows in revenue and overall business success. 

The Importance of Wellness in the Workplace


Workplace wellness is any workplace health promotion activity or organizational policy designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and beyond to improve employee outcomes. 

Workplace wellness doesn’t just exist at work; it encompasses everything that your business or office is doing to take care of your employees. It could be small, like offering a free breakfast once a week, to something more substantial, such as offering a free gym membership, counseling services, or even a staff vacation.

Tangible rewards get teams excited and are a proven way to get your staff invested in making healthier decisions.

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Happy and healthy employees are essential to an effective and growing workplace; they are integral to not only overall productivity but contribute to a positive perception of the brand. If you have dissatisfied employees, those feelings will certainly shine through to your customers.

Happy employees add tremendous value to your business. 

  • Happy employees are easier to work with and coach, putting more energy into their tasks. 
  • Fulfilled employees work harder for their employer. 
  • When your employees are valued, they stick around, diminishing your turnover rate. 
  • Motivated employees put time and effort into climbing the ladder, bringing value to your business. 
  • Staff that enjoys their work tend to be more focused and creative. 

On the other hand, unhappy employees generally lack productivity and can be difficult to keep on track. They can also bring down the rest of your staff if the issues aren’t nipped in the bud. 

Keep workers healthy and happy, and you’ll keep costs down. It’s a trend that continues to grow, as stressors are at an all-time high, and maximizing the bottom line is the key to survival for many organizations. In fact, today, more than 9 in 10 organizations offer employees at least one kind of wellness benefit, as it is found to be essential to success. 


This is where it gets fun. When your staff is happy, your business will naturally thrive. To create an atmosphere of wellness, it helps to think out of the box. Don’t be afraid to put some ideas out there and see how they are received. Some employees might be skeptical, but they might be the very ones that will benefit the most. 

Here are some ways you can tangibly show your staff that you are invested in their wellness. 

A discount to a mental health service.

Truth be told, most people need some form of mental health care. Many individuals cannot afford mental health care because it is often not covered by insurance. Consider partnering with a mental health professional, or mental health service to offer care to your employees. 

A break room/kitchen that inspires.

Think of your breakroom as a safe space for your employees to take care of themselves, a space that makes it easy to enjoy healthy snacks and lunches. Make sure the refrigerator and microwave are working properly. Put furniture in the room that is comfortable. Even if your decor is minimal, it can be soothing or inspiring. 

A retreat.

Consider a retreat at a venue that has a lot to offer. While this is one of the more expensive options, it can be a great opportunity for the employees who aren’t able to afford a personal getaway, or who are not usually able to take the time off. A bleisure or fully leisure getaway could be the perfect opportunity for them to take a break. At The Stonewall Resort, we offer many opportunities to relax and get away from life for a weekend. 

A gym membership or an onsite gym.

Many people spend their time at work sitting in a chair. This leads to many physical problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, and more. Unhealthy employees tend to be unhappy and ineffective. Offering a discounted gym membership or even a free onsite gym that your employees are able to use at their convenience is a great way to combat those problems. 

A free healthy meal.

No more lunch runs to the fast-food joint. Lunchtime is short but you can help! If you offer a free lunch even just once a week, people are more likely to stay there instead of running out for fast food or packing yet another sandwich. Offering a healthy option ensures your employees are able to access healthy foods that help them take care of their bodies. 

Encourage naps.

Instead of powering through that mid-day slump, let your employees give into it for a quick 30-minute break. It sounds counterproductive but studies show that a power nap can give a much-needed boost in creativity and productivity! Allowing your staff to get the rest that they need helps them become more productive for the last half of their day. 

An incentivized health and wellness program.

Many offices have creatively come up with challenges that encourage both mental and physical health. Activities like self-care tracking, walking or running goals, and starting a hobby you enjoy are just a few examples. 

Set up themes, invite guest speakers in, encourage accountability. Tailor it for your team. Incentivize it to improve participation. Create a safe space to talk – and listen: Many of your staff may be facing similar issues and need help problem-solving. Others may have a solution to a team member’s struggle but unless it’s talked about they don’t know there’s an issue. For instance, a staff member may need someone to walk her dog mid-day and another member may have a recommendation. Or maybe several of them are unsure how to navigate working from home while having their kids also schooling from home.

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Make it a point to budget in some time and money for workplace wellness. Need to start small?  That is just fine! It can be a program that grows over time as your company continues to grow.

Ask them for ideas. Send out an email and collect information. If there are some ideas that are on a larger budget than you have, that doesn’t mean that you have to toss any in the trash, it can be something that you offer in the future. 

Try to cover both mental and physical health. Remember that people have multiple areas that they are needing to care for themselves, and try to make that a little easier. 

When you take your employee’s overall health seriously, they will too. The increase in creativity, productivity, and loyalty typically far outweigh the cost. At Stonewall Resort, we take the health of your employees and your budget seriously. Let us help you plan a bleisure meeting or leisure retreat for your team that meets your budget and encourages your staff. Reach out to us here.

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