Meeting Planners, Don’t Make Resolutions – Do This Instead!

New Year’s resolutions for meeting planners often focus on streamlining processes and finding ways to make events more successful. This year, however, many event planners are also incorporating changes that prioritize the well-being of attendees.

Sales manager Robin Poling recently shared some insight with Cory Falter of the InnSync Show into how meeting planning in 2023 needs to be different.

Here is what she had to say.


Workplace Wellness – It’s Worth the Investment

The idea of workplace wellness is not new. We know when our teams are well and content, the overall atmosphere improves, increasing productivity and company culture. 

Prioritizing the mental and physical health of your employees plays an integral part in maintaining a happy team. A happy team is a more effective team, and a more effective team results in a better more dynamic company that grows in revenue and overall business success. 


How to Host a Highly Productive Hybrid Meeting

Hybrid meetings increased in popularity in 2020, and as we’ve moved into 2021, they continue to be a necessity. By offering the option to concurrently meet in-person and virtually, they gave us the ability to continue to move forward in business when some attendees may not have been able to participate in person.

While the concept of a hosting a hybrid meeting might seem a bit daunting, it doesn’t need to be. With the right preparation, you can host a highly productive and beneficial meeting that meets everyone’s needs with great success. 


What Makes Stonewall Meetings Unique

When planning an offsite meeting, you should have high expectations and anticipate a significant return on your investment. But no matter how much you plan and schedule, if your team is not inspired, your results will likely be mediocre at best. If you are planning an offsite meeting, you need a venue that inspires creativity, sparks innovation, and triggers engagement.