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8 Team Building Activities Perfect for Fall

team building ideas for meetings

Crisp air and shorter days can only mean one thing, fall is here! It is the perfect time to start thinking ahead while giving your team a break and investing in their well-being.

This time of year is an ideal time to plan an offsite strategy meeting that includes team building activities since everyone is winding down from summer, they are falling back into a routine, and the busyness of the holidays is not yet upon us. It can help mentally prepare everyone for the year ahead. The weather is also often cooperative in the fall so you can safely meet outdoors or inside with open windows and doors for fresh air.  

Adding team building to your meeting is just the ticket to build morale and get everyone back on the same page. Whether your team works remotely or in person, maintaining work relationships is key to your business’s success. The better your team works together, the more successful you will be (and this typically leads to less office drama – which we ALL want to avoid.) So, it’s time to safely get the staff together in person for some strategic team building exercises that will boost morale and energize them for winter. 

Here are some team building suggestions that are simple and that will be enjoyed by everyone. 

Team Building Ideas for Meetings this Fall

1. Escape Room

Escape from reality, then make your way back with an autumn-themed escape room activity. Watch how your team works together, look for strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge strategically for future projects and endeavors. 

2. Pumpkin Carving Contest

The options are unlimited, but you can always choose a theme to add to the challenge. 

Boss lookalike – who can make a pumpkin look most like the big cheese? 

Company logo – Carve it out, light a candle, and let the logo shine! 

Marketing on a gourd – Ever wonder who the marketing genius is on your team? This is a great time to find out! Ask them to carve a message or photo on the pumpkin that advertises a product or service you provide. 

3. Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

This is a great way to get your team to work together for a common good that’s fun and challenging. Which team will solve the mystery first? 

4. Culinary Contests

Thanksgiving Side Dish Cook-Off – Team up and cook your favorite holiday side dish and have the team choose their favorite. 

Mixology – Create your own signature cocktail. These will be fun to taste test! Everyone toasts the winning team and enjoys the libations of their labor.  

Chili Cookoff – How hot do you like it? Beans or no beans? Meat or no meat? Chicken or beef? The options are endless! 

5. Scavenger Hunt

Grab your camera and get to searching for all things fall. A hidden pumpkin, an orange leaf, and some wild berries could be on the list. No need to touch anything – just snap pictures and move on! 

6. Wine and Paint

Paint the gorgeous colors of fall while enjoying wine from a local winery. These types of activities always bring out interesting conversations, helping your team find common ground and create camaraderie. 

7. Hiking Party

Get into the great outdoors! The colors of fall are gorgeous and inspiring! Brainstorm while hiking along a beautiful trail! Besides being enjoyable, hiking is a great way to encourage the physical health of your team and energize everyone. 

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8. Charity Bike Build-a-Thon

Work together as a team to build bikes for local kids in need. While games and contests are always fun and a great way to build relationships, working together as a team for charity bonds hearts, too. That’s always a good thing. 

Reach out to Stonewall Resort when you’re ready to plan your fall team building meeting. We will put together a package for you that will meet all of your needs. 

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