Five Ways to Sprinkle in Mother Earth to Your Corporate Meetings

In life, there’s what we know to be true intuitively and then there’s scientific fact. When what we know to be true, intuitively, is further validated by scientific data, then it becomes utterly indisputable. The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of nature are indisputable. Scientific study after study has proven, throughout the past decade, what most humans already know to be true experientially: nature enhances overall wellbeing.


Laid-Back Outdoor Group Adventures to Amp Up the Agenda

Being the only lakeside conference center in West Virginia has its perks. Just look out the window and you’ll see them:

Colleagues laughing among rolling mountains. Handshakes during hikes in lush forests. Connections made while cruising on a glistening lake.

More than just a beautiful backdrop for remarkable meetings and events, our tranquil surroundings are actually the secret to instilling your participants with more energy, stronger connections, and sky-high creativity.


Small Meetings, Big Objectives: Creating Impactful Executive Retreats

Executive retreats are the Teslas of meetings.

They’re designed for a company’s C-suite, meaning the budget and the expectations are sky-high. These off-site team-building and strategy sessions are vital to building a strong, collaborative team dynamic that impacts the entire company, its employees and its future. So, planning one requires more than just a firm grasp on the logistics.

What’s the secret sauce behind planning an executive retreat that is both posh and productive?