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Don’t Let Winter Get Your Team Down, Revitalize Them With an Indoor Team Building Event

In business, one of your greatest investments is your employees. Your staff is the backbone, the vibe, and the voice of your business. When well taken care of, your crew will make your company shine. 

Creative Team Building Ideas in West Virginia


One way to invest in your staff is to through team building activities. Understanding the benefits of team building can help create a vision for how to build a program that will benefit your business, your staff, and your bottom line. The productivity gained should far outweigh the lost time. 


Sure, team building activities are meant to encourage your staff and to help them learn to problem solve as a team. A core benefit of this type of event is to help bring unity to your group. But when you look beyond the surface, there is a much deeper and richer benefit than increased morale and a renewed bond within your workforce (although that in itself is priceless). 

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Do you know and fully utilize the strengths of your crew members? Oftentimes employees are underutilized in their skillset because they are so busy just dealing with the day-to-day. Team building is an excellent way to clearly see where the strengths and passions of your staff are beyond the workplace. When you know this, you can much more clearly assign tasks and workflow that will benefit your staff as well as your company. 

creative team building ideas

Do you get to see your team at their most creative? Thinking outside the box is much easier when you step outside of the office. Ideas flow much more freely when wine is served and a fire is crackling in the background. 

Does your team know they are appreciated? A pat on the back is easy, and saying they are appreciated is good. But when they are rewarded after a hard project or a long season with a bonding getaway, that is when they are going to feel their true value. 


Although it might be cheap, no one is going to get excited to do freefall trust exercises in hopes their co-workers will catch them. Here are just a few ways we can help you create a team building experience that will give back. 


Encourage wellness and vitality through a unique spa experience. Plan a murder mystery interactive spa experience to encourage your team to put their heads together and solve a problem. Manicures and mystery-solving are a fun way to encourage conversation and camaraderie.

creative team building ideas


Not your everyday way to spend time as a crew, how about a libation creation challenge, see who can create the yummiest cocktail or mocktail (if your firm has a zero-alcohol policy). Bring in board games and have a tournament. Or, our personal favorite, host a casino night. Fun will be had, problem-solving skills will be unearthed and partnerships will be formed.


An escape room is one of the most valuable team building exercises, and one of the most fun! Leaders tend to stand out but the more quiet, thoughtful members shine with their deep thinking ideas. The team must work together for success, learning to rely on each other’s strengths. A beneficial follow up is to discuss scenarios and allow the team to brag on each other.

creative team building ideas


Want to reward a job well done? Bring out the bottles and get the games started! Create teams for a wine tasting/pairing competition. Or ask departments to compete to name a department mascot wine and create a label for it. Which will be more fun, the competition or judging?


At the end of your event, don’t just release your staff without finalizing the event with encouragement and a little laughter. Host an awards ceremony with a trophy for everyone. Point out the ones who shined, crew that stepped up, staff that surprised everyone with a hidden talent, etc. Give an encouraging or funny pep talk that will stick with them beyond the event. 

One note: You may notice that you have staff members that have less than desirable qualities like divisiveness, laziness, or disinterest. This is a good time to deal with these staff members, whether there is an issue that you need to get to the root of or watch them closely to make sure they do not compromise your workforce. Even this is a benefit to your team building event, although it isn’t always a pleasant realization. 

Our meeting staff is ready and waiting to plan an event that will equip your staff to take your business to the next level. Call today to plan your next indoor team building event at Stonewall Resort. 

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