Stress Less – It’s The Season To Bless!

‘Tis the season — when stress is up and productivity is down. Everyone’s already packed calendars are overflowing with must-dos like kids’ holiday concerts and gift buying. Work must go on but with some careful planning and a sprinkle of understanding, your company atmosphere can inspire productivity through the holidays. 

Destress Your Life This Holiday Season


Dubbed as the most wonderful time of the year, many would describe it as the most stressful time. As a matter of fact, polls state that 45% of the American population would like to skip the holiday altogether. Lack of money, maxed out time, and pressure to give and receive gifts are the major known stressors for the season. Another major cause of angst is the burden to put on a perfect Christmas celebration. 

As an employer, you cannot alleviate all of the stressors that your staff is experiencing, but you can certainly implement some best practices in December that will show that you understand and let them know that you are on their side. 


Your employees work hard for you all year. One of the best ways to reward hard work and instill trust is to offer flexible hours so they are able to attend all of their special celebrations and to complete errands. You have to know your office environment to know if this is workable. Most personnel will be so thrilled at the prospect that they will work hard to prove that this is a good system to reap the benefits every holiday season!

If applicable, offer telecommuting to employees who are able to work from home. The wonders of technology are making this possible for more and more of your crew.

Do you have a dress code? If possible, relax it a little. Casual dress days are not permission to be sloppy but the comfort of a pair of nice jeans is sure appreciated! 


destress your life

If you are planning a company holiday party, plan to have it during work hours. That doesn’t mean you have to stay within your four walls. An offsite luncheon is a wonderful way to thank your crew for a year of hard work and loyalty. 

There is plenty of chocolate and candy around, why not invest in your staff by offering a healthy lunch. Choose a menu that is lifegiving and energy enhancing. Play soothing music and decorate the room peacefully. 

destress your life


Team gratitude should not be limited to a single time of year. Keep employees engaged and excited, and help them to feel appreciated all year long. Here are a few articles that may help:

You set the tone for your company culture during the holidays and all year long. When you think ahead and address their needs, you will gain loyalty and production from your staff that you will never get from enforcing strict rules. 

If you are considering an offsite meeting or company party, Stonewall Resort has options for every event. Our job is to help you enjoy your season and to make you look good. 

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