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Happy Holidays from Our Kitchens to Yours

With the 2020 holiday season looking vastly different than years past, wanted to invite you into our kitchen virtually and share some of our favorite recipes with you. No masks or social distancing required, we can still share the spirit of the season with you. We hope you’ll add one or more of these recipes to your menu and enjoy a taste of Stonewall Resort with your holiday. 


‘Tis the Season – Show Gratitude To Your Team with a Re-Imagined Celebration

Let’s face it. 2020 has been a challenge. While there are have been some setbacks, the human spirit, ingenuity, and loyalty have all had the opportunity to shine in unprecedented ways. Has your staff bravely faced furloughs, long hours, salary reductions, new challenges, and/or uncertainty? If so, maybe it’s time to plan a time to thank your team for a year well maneuvered. 

Whether you frame it as a holiday party or a “We Survived 2020 Celebration”, it’s time to show your team just how grateful you are for their partnership in helping your company continue to push forward, no matter how steep the climb. 

Team Building

Beyond the BORED Room: Team Building Exercises That Genuinely Enhance Meeting Productivity

Want a better return on your investment for your next meeting? Add team building to the agenda. We aren’t talking cliche “catch me while I fall backward” team-building exercises. Instead, plan genuine, effective activities that will strengthen your staff’s bond, enhance creativity, and build confidence in one another which ultimately increases creativity and productivity.

Not sure where to start? Here are five tried and true team-building exercises that are sure to enhance your next corporate meeting. 


Savory Satisfaction: Using Current Food and Beverage Trends to Add Value to Your Next Corporate Event

Beautifully curated, light, and simple meals are trending and that is a very good thing for meeting planners. Not only do these types of meals help attract attendees, but they are also very versatile and serve the overall agenda of the meeting well. From grab and go snacks that encourage mingling to locally sourced salads that energize and satisfy, your staff will enjoy every bite. 


Stress Less – It’s The Season To Bless!

‘Tis the season — when stress is up and productivity is down. Everyone’s already packed calendars are overflowing with must-dos like kids’ holiday concerts and gift buying. Work must go on but with some careful planning and a sprinkle of understanding, your company atmosphere can inspire productivity through the holidays. 


Five Ways to Sprinkle in Mother Earth to Your Corporate Meetings

In life, there’s what we know to be true intuitively and then there’s scientific fact. When what we know to be true, intuitively, is further validated by scientific data, then it becomes utterly indisputable. The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of nature are indisputable. Scientific study after study has proven, throughout the past decade, what most humans already know to be true experientially: nature enhances overall wellbeing.