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Appetizing Anticipation: What to Expect in Appalachian Cuisine at Your WV Meeting

Here in West Virginia ‘eating local’ is old news. Our families are made up of long-time locavores. We’ve been resourcefully thriving off our land for centuries, way long before ‘farm-to-fork’ was cool!

So, when it comes to customizing your group meeting experience, you’ll definitely want to dive into what the locals have to offer by way of cuisine. Appalachian cuisine is considered an undiscovered gem of American regional cooking. Let’s explore West Virginia through our flavors, textures, and recipes, so you can plan an event your guests will not soon forget.


Small Meetings, Big Objectives: Creating Impactful Executive Retreats

Executive retreats are the Teslas of meetings.

They’re designed for a company’s C-suite, meaning the budget and the expectations are sky-high. These off-site team-building and strategy sessions are vital to building a strong, collaborative team dynamic that impacts the entire company, its employees and its future. So, planning one requires more than just a firm grasp on the logistics.

What’s the secret sauce behind planning an executive retreat that is both posh and productive?