8 Team Building Activities Perfect for Fall

Crisp air and shorter days can only mean one thing, fall is here! It is the perfect time to start thinking ahead while giving your team a break and investing in their well-being.

This time of year is an ideal time to plan an offsite strategy meeting that includes team building activities since everyone is winding down from summer, they are falling back into a routine, and the busyness of the holidays is not yet upon us. It can help mentally prepare everyone for the year ahead. The weather is also often cooperative in the fall so you can safely meet outdoors or inside with open windows and doors for fresh air.  

Like a Local

Small Group, Big Adventure: Plan a Perfect Getaway in Roanoke, WV

Stonewall Resort was made for gathering. While we may not be quite ready to mingle with large crowds like we once did, getting together with family, friends, and peers continues to provide numerous social and emotional benefits we can all use to thrive.

Whether you are seeking an extended get-together with your leadership team, a well-deserved awards getaway, or a bleisure trip, the property at Stonewall Resort provides something for everyone.

So, gather your group and let us help you make a plan! Here is a three-day mid-week itinerary that is sure to leave you refreshed and renewed.


7 Ways Stonewall Resort Stands Out For Your Next Meeting or Event

Are you planning an offsite meeting? Or maybe a once-in-a-lifetime social event? Every hotel has its own sales tactic with the reasons to choose their particular venue. We prefer to take a more personalized approach, working with clients to tailor their events to maximize their ROI while offering the best experience possible. 

However, there are some standard differentiators with Stonewall Resort that make our venue stand out. Here are a few that resonate specifically with prospective meeting planners. 


7 Reasons Including Outdoor Space in Your Next Meeting is a Must!

One advantage to planning an offsite meeting is the change of scenery. Although the overall mission is a productive, focused time, intermittently taking your team to enjoy the great outdoors has many benefits. As a matter of fact, when you add outdoor meeting space or recreation to any meeting, you can expect participants to be more attentive, creative, energized, and relational. Keep your team engaged by incorporating new meeting styles and team-building opportunities.


How to Keep Your Team Loyal, Inspired & Cohesive

We’ve been apart for some time now – what a better time to engage in team-building to bring your teams back stronger and more resilient. Thoughtful team-building activities are one of the most effective ways to boost your company culture, which ultimately leads to diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Building a loyal, inspired, and cohesive team through intentional team-building activities and events will bring us back together with a renewed appreciation of each team member, their strengths, and their individual contribution to the organization.

Let’s explore some trends in team-building activities to do just that.


Workplace Wellness – It’s Worth the Investment

The idea of workplace wellness is not new. We know when our teams are well and content, the overall atmosphere improves, increasing productivity and company culture. 

Prioritizing the mental and physical health of your employees plays an integral part in maintaining a happy team. A happy team is a more effective team, and a more effective team results in a better more dynamic company that grows in revenue and overall business success. 


How to Host a Highly Productive Hybrid Meeting

Hybrid meetings increased in popularity in 2020, and as we’ve moved into 2021, they continue to be a necessity. By offering the option to concurrently meet in-person and virtually, they gave us the ability to continue to move forward in business when some attendees may not have been able to participate in person.

While the concept of a hosting a hybrid meeting might seem a bit daunting, it doesn’t need to be. With the right preparation, you can host a highly productive and beneficial meeting that meets everyone’s needs with great success. 

Flavor of

Happy Holidays from Our Kitchens to Yours

With the 2020 holiday season looking vastly different than years past, wanted to invite you into our kitchen virtually and share some of our favorite recipes with you. No masks or social distancing required, we can still share the spirit of the season with you. We hope you’ll add one or more of these recipes to your menu and enjoy a taste of Stonewall Resort with your holiday. 


‘Tis the Season – Show Gratitude To Your Team with a Re-Imagined Celebration

Let’s face it. 2020 has been a challenge. While there are have been some setbacks, the human spirit, ingenuity, and loyalty have all had the opportunity to shine in unprecedented ways. Has your staff bravely faced furloughs, long hours, salary reductions, new challenges, and/or uncertainty? If so, maybe it’s time to plan a time to thank your team for a year well maneuvered. 

Whether you frame it as a holiday party or a “We Survived 2020 Celebration”, it’s time to show your team just how grateful you are for their partnership in helping your company continue to push forward, no matter how steep the climb.